Kyoto delight! 🍨🍧 (at St. Marc Cafe)

Kyoto delight! 🍨🍧 (at St. Marc Cafe)

#applegreensneakers #sotd

#applegreensneakers #sotd

// Let’s eat at ~ Taisho Ramen, SM North//

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a food blog. I’ve been busy and it is not nice. 😔 This post was also kinda late because we dined at Taisho many weeks ago. Hahahaha! But i believe that it is better late than never! hahaha!!!! :P

Ramen houses are getting famous these days. They ‘re popping out in every malls and streets. I think this is the new fad on food. So I really wanted to try different ramen from different restaurants.

I dined here with my sisters after we hear mass. It was my first time but my sisters already dined here with mom and dad. Yeah! I told you I was so busy that I wasn’t able to come with them. Huhuhu! Let’s cut all the drama! Hahaha! Here are what we have ordered: (*sorry i forgot the names of the dishes.. hahaha!!! )

my ramen! super huge bowl of happiness! super yummy! I really like the vegetables and corn in this ramen. It was a very tasty bowl of ramen. I can say that this is a complete meal. NOODLES + SOUP + VEGGIES + MEAT = A YUMMY RAMEN!!!

 the Gyoza! 

my sister’s ramen. she’s also satisfied with the taste. another bowl of happiness! :) with meat and delicious soup to compliment with the nooodles. yummy indeed! :)

 Here’s ginger and garlic for additional flavors! :)

This one is the spicy ramen of my sister. Another bowl of happiness with a kick of spice!

our verdict : “Oishi” 

Next time I’ll take note of the name of dishes. Promise! ‘til next food blog. 

love, <3 


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